Astrology planet jupiter

Jupiter is far beyond the swarm of asteroids. It is nearly 500 million miles from the Sun. It takes a little less then twelve years to go once round the Sun. It is planet of dignity. It is flattened at the poles. It also rotates on its axis, just like Earth. It rotates very fast and it completes one rotation in 10 minutes less than 10 hours.

Jupiter is considered to be the teacher. Jupiter is the God of Righteousness and of Justice. It is the symbol of Wisdom. It is also said that Jupiter is Deva Guru. It rules Veda and Hemantha Rithu (December and January). Our fortunes are governed by Jupiter who is called Chief Governor for Money. That is why Jupiter is called the greater fortune as it rules Finance and Family.

Jupiter is  fiery, noble, fruitful, masculine, jovial, optimistic, expansive, positive and dignified planet. Jupiter offers high reasoning ability and proper judgment. The higher attributes of the mind and the uplift of the soul are governed by Jupiter. Hence, it rules educational interest, law, religion, philosophy, banking, company administration and economics.

Jupiter stays for one month in each sign and takes thirteen months to complete the cycle of twelve signs. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius and also Pisces. It gets exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter has full aspects on the fifth, seventh and ninth house. In Nakashtra it is lord of Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purvabhadrapada Nakashtra.

Jupiter, as beneficial by lordship also, gives geniality and generosity, joy, jubilation and joviality are attributed to this planet. One can expect respect and reputation during its period. Co-operation and congenial atmosphere will be maintained by it; progress and prosperity in life, philosophical and philanthropic nature, good conduct and morals, peace and prosperity, health and wealth are also offered by Jupiter.

If Jupiter is afflicted and owns evil houses, the native will not be a moderate but an extremist. He will be very liberal, extravagant and even lavish. Over-optimism, false hopes, carelessness, debts, dispute, failure in speculation, desperate attempts, gambling and pressure from creditors and banks, worry through children, false prestige, large donations beyond his normal capacity for charitable institutions, temple and religion, vain pomp, loss by relying on others and standing surety to them, cheap popularity, default and infamy, extravagance, gluttony and unusual girth, misjudgment and miscalculation are all attributed to Jupiter when it is aspected adversely by other planets and if Jupiter owns unfavorable houses and occupies evil signs and stars.

In the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter is the signification of her husband and happy married life. If in favorable position, it ensures happy relations in married life. In adverse situation, he makes a woman adamant and arrogant causing damage to her married life.

It rules over Liver, Tumors, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in body.

Diseases caused by Jupiter are Liver complaints, Jaundice, dropsy, dyspepsia, abscess, hernia skin troubles and cerebral congestion.

Jupiter color is yellow and gemstone is yellow sapphire.

Jupiter rules place over temples, Law Courts, colleges and schools, big palatial buildings, Durbar hall, Legislative assembly, halls where purohits deliver lectures on Puranas etc. or places where religious discourses are held.

The Following table indicates in short about Jupiter’s Characteristics:

Day                                                                 Thursday

Direction                                                       North-East

Color                                                              Yellow

Orbit time in one Zodiac sign                  13 months (Average)

Orbit time of whole Zodiac                     12 Month (Average)

Nature                                                           Knowledge, Wisdom

Constellations ruled           Punarvasu, Vishakha  and Purva Bhadrapad

Friendly Planets                                          Sun, Moon and Mars

Enemy Planets                                            Mercury and Venus

Neutral Planets                                           Saturn and Rahu

Own Sign                                                      Sagittarius & Pisces

Mool Trikon in                                            Sagittarius

Exalted in                                                      Cancer

Debilitated in                                               Capricorn

Special Feature                                           Knowledge

Metal                                                             Gold

Precious Stone                                            Yellow Sapphire

Vimshottari Mahadasha Period             16  Years