Sun has Mercury as his closest neighborhood even as the earth has the Moon; Mercury is bigger than Moon, but smaller than the earth. It is an average about 36 million miles away from the Sun.

Mercury is the planet of communication and it represents the field related to commerce, trade,             accounts, banking, and computers. A strong Mercury denotes success in these field. People with Mercury in strong position in their chart have sharp thinking but inborn anxiety and indecisiveness also.

Mercury gives the native a green tint and native is full of veins. Native is pleasant in speech and fun loving. Native has long and red eyes and has well formed limbs. It makes the body tall and slender. Native is of average height with eyebrows curved with much hair.

Part of body ruled by Mercury is Nose, Brain, Hands, Tongue, Lungs and Nervous system. It is also lord of skin.

Profession ruled by Mercury are Chartered Accounts, Writer, Clerk, Feature Editor, Publisher, Hobby class teacher, Professional speaker, Investment manager, Accounts executive, Skin care specialist, News reader, Composer, Bank employee etc.

The diseases indicated by Mercury are insanity, mental aberration, loss of speech, impotency, defective tongue, deafness, headaches, hysteria etc.

Precious metal /gems represented by Mercury are Emerald, limestone. Native whose Ascendant Lord is Mercury can wear the Ring (In little finger) or Pendant of emerald in Silver/gold in the constellation of Mercury.

Mercury is a variable, convertible, vacillating, feminine, effeminate, neutral  and dualistic planet. Just as messenger has to carry out the orders of the others and act on their behalf so also mercury will not act independently but expresses a nature in accordance with the nature of the planet with which he is conjoined or from which he receives aspects. He is called convertible, because he will prove to be a benefic to those in whose horoscopes Mercury is conjoined with or aspected by benefic, whereas becomes a malefic if he is in any way connected with evil planets. He rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury get exalted in virgo and it is very weak and debilitated in Pisces.

Mercury governs the reaction to one`s sense and impressions. He rules over the solar plexus and the central nervous system. Being an intellectual planet, the Mercurian is highly intelligent, ingenious and analytical. He will grasp the subjects very quickly. He gives the native retentive power and reproductive ability. Mercury with good aspects represents a subtle political brain and intellect, and excellent disputant, a logician with learning, and discretion. He makes one a researcher into mysteries and learning, sharp and witty and ambitious of being exquisite in every science. He gives curiosity to master occult science also.

Mercury, when afflicted by others planets, makes the person phrenetic. He will be a clever, cunning and mischievous anonymous petition-water.  Mercurian will be a talkative person, perverted, eccentric, unprincipled, inconstant and boastful. He is man of moods.

Mercury is dignity and receiving favorable aspects makes one versatile, good in mathematical, calculations, engineering, accounts, correspondence etc. He will be “quick on the trigger” will work rapidly and accurately and come out successful in all his enterprises.

The Following table indicates in short about Moon’s Characteristics :

Day                                                                 Wednesday

Direction                                                       North

Color                                                              White

Orbit time in one Zodiac sign                  25 days

Orbit time of whole Zodiac                     10 Month

Nature                                                           Mixed

Constellations ruled                                   Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Reveati

Friendly Planets                                          Sun, Venus and Rahu

Enemy Planets                                            Moon

Neutral Planets                                           Mar, Saturn and Jupiter

Own Sign                                                      Gemini, Virgo

Mool Trikon in                                            Virgo

Exalted in                                                      Virgo

Debilitated in                                               Pisces

Special Feature                                           Intelligent

Metal                                                             Lead

Precious Stone                                            Emerald

Vimshottari Mahadasha Period             17 Years