Moon is the planet nearest to the earth. It is the only planet in the Solar system revolving round and round the earth. Sun is said to be a generator of power whereas Moon is considered as the conductor of power lent by Sun. The moon shines only by the reflected light of the Sun. Sun is masculine Moon is feminine. Moon is second most important planet after Sun. Astrologically, it is regarded as a Queen in the planets.  Moon also represent mother as it nourishes the life on earth as mother. The Moon is small in size. The diameter of the Earth is approximately 7,800 miles whereas that of the Moon is only 2,200 miles.

Moon transits very quickly through all the twelve signs of the Zodiac in 27 days.  It is considered to govern our daily happenings, making a person feel jubilant when it transits a favourable sign and depressing the same person when it passes in an unfavorable sign.

Monday is ruled by Moon. People born under the ruler ship of Moon, will have grand success. Moon controls Varsha  Ruthu i.e. August and September.

White and some are of opinion that sea-green color is indicated by Moon.

Diamond-All white stones are Moon’s Gems.

Moon is considered to govern water power. It denotes wells, ponds, tanks, rivers, fresh water, and bays. Oceans etc. Hence it concerned with liquids, aquatic animals, and objects found underwater, like pearls.

The Moon is cold, changeable moist, receptive and feminine planet. The fourth sign of the Zodiac called Karka or Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This sign is just prior to the sign Leo owned by Sun. In Hindu Astrology, it is said that Moon loves Rohini most actually Moon gets exalted in Taurus or Rishaba in which Rohini star is contained. Moon moves daily around 13 degrees on an average and whenever it passes the sign Taurus, it is very strong. It gets very weak and debilitated when it transits in the sign Scorpio or Vrischika.

The effect of the Moon depends on the relative disposition of other planets the aspect which Moon receives, the sign which it occupies etc., at the time of one’s birth. Moon representing the mother and owning the fourth house indicates that the person will love his country and his home.

Moon governs over the impregnation, conception, birth of child, the animal instinct the union and embryo. It also rules the infant stage of a person and it has a powerful influence on the lives. It governs Left eye of male and right eye of a female, the breasts, stomach, sympathetic nerves, bladder etc.

Diseases given by Moon are Eye diseases, Lunacy, Paralysis, Dropsy, Cold, Cough. Colic pains, Worms, Throat troubles, Asthma, Complications due to excess of drinks,  nervous debility, cancer, typhoid etc.

Being a watery planet, the native may be employed in shipping department, Navy, water analysis or water- supply department. He may deal in salt, fish, corals, pearls, perfumes, flowers, liquids, Kerosene, Petrol, Milk, boilers etc.

Its characteristics are changeability. Hence its influence is often unsettling. If one is in service his desire will be to have frequent changes. He will not continue live in the same premises.

Afflicted Moon at the time of birth causes ailment frequently and does not allow one to have proper growth

Positive Moon indicates joy, enthusiasm and peace of mind in life. Moon is a natural benefic and is capable of giving great mental power and prosperity in life.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon has been considered as having the power of ascendant and extraordinary importance is given by preparing separate natal chart using Moon as Ascendant. Major and sub-period in Hindu Astrology are based on the Moon Nakshatras.

The Following table indicates in short about Moon’s Characteristics :

Day                                                                 Monday

Direction                                                       North-west

Color                                                              White

Orbit time in one Zodiac sign                  27 days

Orbit time of whole Zodiac                     324 days

Nature                                                           Tender and Peaceful

Constellations ruled                                   Rohini, Hast and Sharavan

Friendly Planets                                          Mars and Jupiter

Enemy Planets                                            Saturn, Rahu & Ketu

Neutral Planets                                           Mercury

Own Sign                                                      Cancer

Mool Trikon in                                            Taurus

Exalted in                                                      Taurus

Debilitated in                                               Scorpio

Special Feature                                           Beautiful face

Metal                                                             Silver

Precious Stone                                            Pearl

Vimshottari Mahadasha Period             10 Years