Saturn is called “Sanaischara” as it moves along the Zodiac leisurely and more slowly than the other planets. It is the outermost of planets known to them. Saturn is visible to the unaided eyes. It is a cold icy planet. It is 886 million away from the Sun. It has nine Moons. Saturn is called ‘Yama’ because it is the chief governor for ‘Longevity’.

Saturn rules Sasira Rithu (February and March), the cold months of the year. The color of Saturn is blue. If Saturn is beneficial, color blue is the lucky one. Saturn rules Blue Sapphire in stone.

Saturn is barren, binding, cold, constant dry, defensive, hard, nervous and secretive planet. It governs the houses Capricorn and Aquarius. The Mooltrikona house or the day house is Aquarius and the night house is Capricorn.  Though Saturn is the son of the sun, it rules the sign opposite to that of the Sun. Saturn’s exalted sign is Libra where Sun gets debilitated. Saturn’s debilitated sign is Aries which is the exaltation sign of the Sun. Leo owned by Sun and Cancer owned by Moon are the houses of fall for Saturn. Saturn ruling the constellations Pushya, Anuradha and Uthrapadhra. Saturn is considered to be very favourable for people born in the signs and owned by Venus.

Saturn will cause delay and denial. Disappointment, disharmony, dispute, difficulty, despondency, dejection and difference are the outcomes of an evil Saturn. Plodding, preserving, patiently working, prudence, frugality, economy, saving, endurance, industry, thrift, a power to keep secrets, stability, self-control, sense of duty, etc, are attributed to a beneficial Saturn.

Lazy, lethargic, idle persons are born under the influence of malefic Saturn. Never will they have the mind to work. If they begin to do anything, some impediment, obstacle or hindrance dissuades or discourages them. So they are anxious; they suspect others, Saturn causes distrust. They are mostly late to start, to do, to receive the benefit etc. Stupidity, dullness, want of originality and dearth of ideas are due to ill-positioned Saturn.

Saturn is the chief governor for longevity occupying the house of longevity. The off-quoted sloka “Karaka Bhava Nasaya” does not apply to Saturn.  Saturn, when beneficial, makes a person true, reliable, honest, sincere, faithful, chaste, etc. Also, it aids for concentration, meditation, prayers etc.

Saturn denotes all matters kept hidden or in secret, mines, mine ores, excavation of tunnels, trenches, burial ground, etc., and the subject Geology is governed by it.

Saturn is also the planet of justice. He behaves like judge and gives justice depending upon the deeds of a person. The person who commits sin and bad karmas are rewarded results accordingly.

Saturn produces people, thin-build, bony and pale or of dark complexion.  Saturn rules bones, hair and growth, ears, teeth of body.

All chronic ailments and particularly those of the bony system are attributable to Saturn. Mottled enamel, fluorine intoxication, eczema, amputation are caused by Saturn. Saturn gives such diseases as it takes a long time to be cured.

Dealers in lead, iron, black articles, hair, wool, leather, quarry, metals, mine ores are the professions under Saturn. Saturn follows its own law and it does everything in public known to others.

The Following table indicates in short about Saturn’s Characteristics:

Day                                                                 Saturday

Direction                                                       West

Color                                                              Blue

Orbit time in one Zodiac sign                  Two and half years

Orbit time of whole Zodiac                     30 years

Nature                                                           Sorrow and hardship

Constellations ruled                                   Pushya, Anuradha, Uttra Bhadrapada

Friendly Planets                                          Mercury, Venus & Rahu

Enemy Planets                                            Sun, Moon & Mars

Neutral Planets                                           Jupiter

Own Sign                                                      Capricorn & Aquarius

Mool Trikon in                                            Aquarius

Exalted in                                                      Libra

Debilitated in                                               Aries

Special Feature                                           Hurdles, delay

Metal                                                             Iron

Precious Stone                                            Blue Sapphire

Vimshottari Mahadasha Period             19 Years