Sun is the parent of the entire solar system. It is also called the ‘King of the Stars’. It is the nearest star to the Earth and is about 93 million miles away from our mother Earth. It is the largest among the planets, belonging to the solar system. It is nearly 750 times larger than all the planets.  Being the centre of all life, force and energy and the giver of prana, Sun is worshipped as Sun God. Sun is prayed for by Hindus. Hindus have conceived the Sun as ever moving in a chariot drawn by seven horses. Whenever Sun enters into certain significant signs, the Hindus perform some religious function on those days to satisfy the departed soul and also offer prayers to Sun God. The greatest astrologer Varahamihira worshipped only Sun God and shed an imperishable lustre among the nine gems in the court of King Vikramaditya.

It takes exactly one year to go round the ecliptic. It has only the direct motion. Never does it retrograde. Also, there is no latitude to Sun. Sunday is ruled by the Sun.

It stands to us as a symbol of spirit. Hindus consider that Sun is the soul of Kalapursha. The Moon is his mind; Budha or Mercury his speech; Mars his strength; Jupiter Guru his knowledge and happiness; Venus or Sukra is desire or lust; Saturn is his misery; etc. For all living beings, Sun represents the positive and primal fount.  It is known as the King while the Moon is the Queen.

He has Luminaries effect and makes everything bright. It is one planet which gives life to one and all, it is sun which pours forth his spirit.  The Sun offers us the power of resistance and vitality. It governs the inspiration and expiration, i.e., breath of life. It rules over our consciousness and gives the force and self-will and makes one determined and decisive. Sun is a dry, masculine, positive and hot planet and is fiery by nature. He rules the direction East and rules ‘Grishma’ which includes the months June and July. The colour of the Sun is Orange.

Sun represents the Father of the native. In service, it shows the master of the administrative head of the Government. In games, it stands for the captain or the leader. People with Sun as ruling planet born either on a Sunday or in Leo-Singha Lagana or with the Sun in Ascendant will have a honey coloured eye. The face will be large and round. The hair and the colour of the body will have a light shade. In the body, it rules the heart. It also represents the right eye in the man and left eye in a woman. The mouth, spleen, throat and brain are also indicated by Sun.

Sun, when afflicted, will cause defects in the heart or in the eye-sight. The Sun causes low blood pressure. Afflicted Sun makes one arrogant, bluff, domineering, egotistical, faithless, lavish, self-opinionated, irritable, angry and spiteful. If Sun is weak or afflicted one can use metal gold and the stones diamond and ruby set in it. Those who suffer from heart trouble, eye diseases or those who want security in service or power in government, or favour from the high government officials, they can use the above gems to enjoy health and success.

When Sun is not afflicted but is strong and beneficial, it offers sterling qualities. Activity and authority are the beneficial results of Sun. It indicates one’s self-acquisition. Strong Sun in a favourable sign offers strong will. The Native will have cheerful outlook towards life and enjoy good fortune. It gives a magnetic quality and ambition.

It generally indicates a permanent position in life. All government services and those in such departments are denoted by Sun. Sun also indicates an independent business financed by the father or gives success to one who deals in red or orange, copper, wheat gold, medicine and chemicals.

He rules the metal Gold and also Copper. Places which are governed by Sun are Forest, Mountains, Shiva Temples, Government buildings, Public offices, Panchayat Unions etc.