Hindus considered Venus as the most brilliant planet even at the dawn of history, even though it appeared some months as the evening star, and some months as the morning star. Venus is much closer to the Sun than the earth. The average distance between the Sun and Venus is 67 million miles. For the observers on the earth, Venus can never be more than 48 degrees from the Sun.

Venus is considered to be the Goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. It is called Mahalakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu. Venus rules Vasantha Rithu (April and May). Venus is called Kama, for one’s passion depends on the strength of Venus and the aspects it receives, as Venus is chiefly concerned with the emotional outlets and character. Venus is also known as Guru of Asuras (Mentor or teacher of devils) by vedic Astrologers, and hence, he is also famous as Shukraacharya. Venus is for the Iha-Loka-Sukha and it can bestow one all comforts enabling one to lead a pleasant life in this world.

Venus is a feminine planet. It rules the signs Taurus and Libra, the second and the seventh signs of the Zodiac. The former is an earthy and fixed sign, whereas the latter is an airy and a movable sign. Being a feminine planet, it governs the gentle and refined attributes. That is why people, ruled by Venus, are kind and sociable. Venus gets exalted in Pisces. Its moolatrikona sign is Libra. It gets debilitated in Virgo. Aries and Scorpio are the houses of detriment to it. It is friend with Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and enemy with Moon, Sun  and Mars. In Nakshatra, Venus rules Bharani, Purvaphalguni and Purvashdha.

Venus produces people of average height, plumpy body, round face, or oval and very attractive one, bright, kind and pleasing eyes, pleasant voice, sweet smile and curly hair. Venus represents the sexual organs, semen, private parts, kidneys, face, eyes, neck, throat, chin, cheeks and skin.

Diseases by Venus are affection in the eye, irregularity in the catamenia, mucous diseases, skin disease, Bright’s disease cysts, stone problems, sex problems, asthma etc.

Places ruled by Venus are Bed room, dancing and dining room, cinema theatre, drama hall, garden, nursery, fountains, banqueting hall, scent manufacturing factory, shipping yards, silk and rayon industrial quarters, glass manufacturing places etc.

Venus is called Kalathra karaka, i.e., he is the chief governor for marriage. It shows whether one will be faithful in love and allow the partner to enjoy life, or one will be troublesome and unreliable making the married life a hell on Earth.

Venus also indicates the partner in business, if it has any connection with the second, sixth and tenth houses in the horoscope.

Wealthy people who maintain a luxurious lifestyle, movie and television stars, artists, fashion designers, intellectuals who influence society with their speech or writings, politicians with charisma have beneficial Venus. They have sharp brain and can think faster than normal. Matured decisions, spontaneity are their plus points. They taste everything in life, they will not get addicted to anything.

If Venus malefic in Native horoscope, then native will have laziness, lack of discipline, and addictions will bring their downfall. Usually they do not try to earn more than required and will continue to have financial hiccups till middle age or even old age. Indecent talk and behavior with opposite sex, interfering in every social issue but not daring to find a solution.

Venus is chief planet connected with vehicles – Vahana. The fourth house and Venus indicate whether one can have the comforts through conveyance, etc. It is Vahana Karaka. Precious gems represented by Venus is Diamond.

The Following table indicates in short about Moon’s Characteristics :

Day                                                                 Friday

Direction                                                       South-East

Color                                                              White

Orbit time in one Zodiac sign                  28 days

Orbit time of whole Zodiac                     11 Months

Nature                                                           Loveable & Sexy

Constellations ruled               Purvaphalguni, Purvashadha,  Bharani

Friendly Planets                                          Mercury, Saturn & Rahu

Enemy Planets                                            Sun & Moon

Neutral Planets                                           Mars & Jupiter

Own Sign                                                      Taurus & Libra

Mool Trikon in                                            Libra

Exalted in                                                      Pisces

Debilitated in                                               Virgo

Special Feature                                           Fashion, Sexual Pleasure

Metal                                                             Silver

Precious Stone                                            Diamond

Vimshottari Mahadasha Period             20  Years