Krishna Janmashtami is a day of Lord Krishna, it is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm in India on Ashtami of Krishna paksh or the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapad.  Shree Krishna is considered as the one of the most powerful human incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He was born around 5,200 years ago in Mathura. The sole objective of Sri Krishna’s birth was to free the Earth from the evilness of demons. He played an important role in Mahabharata and propagated the theory of Bhakti and good karma, which are narrated deeply in Bhagavad Gita.

Story behind Krishna’s Birth

Devaki’s brother, Kansa had ascended the throne of Mathura by imprisoning his own father. It was prophesied that Kansa would meet his death at the hand of the eighth child of Devaki. Terrified of the ominous prediction, Kansa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva and cruelly slaughtered six of their children. To protect her seventh child, she faked her miscarriage while the child, Balarama, was miraculously transported to the womb of Rohini. And when Krishna was born, his father, Vasudeva, took the little infant to Gokul, crossing the treacherous waters of rivers Yamuna, which made way for him to safely pass through. Upon reaching Nanda’s house, he secretly exchanged his son with Nanda’s daughter. Thus, Krishna grew up with his foster parents, Nanda and Yashoda. Years later, Krishna killed Kansa, thus freeing Mathura from his evil tyranny.

Analysis of Krishna Horoscope

Let us examine and study the horoscope of Shree Krishna; Supreme God. Understanding planetary indications for a divine incarnation of the Lord is different to that of an ordinary man. Everything about him is fully transcendental and he is the Supreme Enjoyer of Eternal Bliss. That is his unique position. In Krishna’s chart Taurus rises and the Ascendant is graced by the presence of exalted Moon in Rohini.

Rohini, falling in the sign of beauty Taurus. Krishna Ascendant is Taurus and his Moon is also at exalted potency. Krishna’s Ascendant Lord Venus is with Saturn in the 6th house of Enemies and Krishna always had troubles from enemies but he vanquished them all one by one, more from his intellect than from brute force. This is shown from intelligent and quick-moving Mercury in the skilled 5th House.

Mars is exalted in Krishna’s 9th house of Morality. Thus, although he is well-known for his playful romantic escapades, he is equally well-known as the speaker of the moral masterpiece, Bhagavad Gita and a King who upheld morality in his society.

Jupiter in the 11th house of Pleasure made Krishna’s pleasures and friends to be highest and most excellent imaginable.

Sun in the 4th house in Aries give Krishna exalted artistic skills and mastery over the emotions and affections of others.

Puja and Fasting rules on Krishna Janmashtami

The actual celebration of Janmashtami takes place during the midnight as Sri Krishna is believed to be born on a dark, stormy and windy night to end the rule and violence of his uncle, Kansa.

On the preceding day devotees keep a vigil and fast until midnight, the traditional hour of his birth. Then the images of Krishna are bathed in water and milk, dressed in new clothes, and worshiped. Temples and household shrines are decorated with leaves and flowers; sweetmeats are first offered to the God then distributed as Prasada to the all members of the household. All over India this day is celebrated with devotional songs and dances, pujas, Aarti, blowing of conch and rocking the cradle of baby Sri Krishna.

No gains should be considered during Janmashtami fasting until the fast is broken on next day after Sunrise. All rules followed during Ekadashi fasting should be followed during Janmashtami fasting also. Parana which means breaking the fast should be done at an appropriate time. For Krishna Janmashtami fasting, Parana is done next day after Sunrise when Ashtami tithi and Rohini Nakshatra are over. If Ashtami tithi and Rohini Nakashtra don’t get over before Sunset then fast can be broken during day time when Ashtami Tithi or Rohini Nakshatra is over. When neither Ashtami Tithi nor Rohini Nakshatra is over before Sunset or even midnight one should wait for them to get over before breaking the fast. Depending on end timing of Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra fasting, Krishna Janmashtami might continue for two complete days. Devotees who are not able to follow two days fasting might break the fast on next day after Sunrise.

Fact about two Krishna Janmanshtami dates

Most of the time, Krishna Janmashtami is listed on two consecutive days. The first one is for Smarta Sampradaya and other one is for Vaishanava Sampradaya. Vaishanava Sampradaya date is the latter one. A single date of Janmashtami means both Sampradaya would observe Janmashtami on the same date.

Krishna Janmashtami 2018

2nd September

Nishita Puja Time– 23:57 to 00:43

Parana Time– After 20:05 (3rd September)

Rohini Nakshatra End Time- 20:05

Ashtami Tithi Begins – 20:47 (2nd September)

Ashtami Tithi Ends – 19:19 (3rd September)