Everybody wants to appear beautiful. But people do not get attracted to each one. In fact, beauty or luster is a gift of nature. Beauty by itself is an asset. The one, who possesses the wealth of beauty, owns everything on this earth. According to astrology, two planets — Moon and Venus— are the giver of beauty. A person becomes attractive when location of these two planets in the horoscope is favourable.

Beauty, Venus and Moon

Venus is considered the god of beauty in astrology. The position of Venus is analysed in every matter related to beauty. Attractive eyes, features too are obtained by the grace of Venus. If someone looks attractive; the ones behind instilling the charm is none but Venus. The Moon is considered the giver of calmness and glow of skin. The tenderness and prettiness in body is gauged by the Moon. The one, whose horoscope has these two planets positioned favorably and firmly, receives beauty and tenderness from them.

Beauty is received from the union of Moon and Venus. But, what does matter is the House or zodiac sign where this union is taking place. The sight of planet as well as the influence of other planets too has serious implications on it.

Union of Moon and Venus and beauty: If the union of the Moon and Venus occurs in any House, it is generally considered that the person would be beautiful and attractive. However, the decisive factor is in which zodiac the union of the Moon and Venus is taking place.

Union of Moon and Venus in Mars zodiac: A person becomes beautiful if the union of the Moon and Venus occurs in Mars zodiac. The influence of the Mars reflects on the individual. The person possesses tall height and their eyes and feature turns beautiful. However, some may have dark complexion.

Union of Moon and Venus in Jupiter zodiac: Jupiter zodiac is the master of Pisces and Sagittarius. The union of the Moon and Venus in these zodiacs of Jupiter is considered good in view of beauty. The person becomes very beautiful with the union of these two planets in this zodiac. The physical structure of the person becomes attractive from the union of the Moon and the Venus and their complexion glows more due to the influence of the Jupiter. A light yellowish glow appears on their skin which makes their beauty highly attractive.

Union of Moon and Venus in Saturn zodiac: Capricorn and Aquarius is the zodiac of Saturn. A person becomes tall when the union of the Moon and Venus takes place in these zodiac signs. Their complexion becomes dark but their skin receives glow. The body appears bit rough and harsh, but due to the union of Moon and Venus they appear dark.

Union of Moon and Venus in Sun zodiac: Sun is the master of Leo. A person grows tall in height if the Sun and Moon are positioned in Leo. They tend to look more attractive, their brain develops better and grows sharp. Their complexion glows reddish and it may turn dark if proper care is not taken for the skin.

Union of Moon and Venus in Moon zodiac: Moon is the master of Cancer. If the Moon remains in its own House along with the Venus, it yields the result, same as the union of Moon and Venus in Libra and Scorpio i.e. the person looks very fair and attractive. They also appear weak and innocent. All these results however may vary depending upon the place and environment but, in general, they are more or less same.