Knowledge is considered as wealth and it has a very important role in man’s life. Without it, life of human beings is no more than animals. Parents put their best possible effort to provide their children with best education to make their life beautiful. But, more often it is found that despite all their efforts there still comes variety of obstacles on the way of their children’s education. For the benefit of readers, a detailed description of the obstacles has been provided here.

Knowledge being considered as wealth, according to astrology it is studied on basis of wealth House. In the first chapter of ‘Faldipika’, wealth, knowledge, matter of personal rights, speech, etc should be studied in the second House.

If there is any auspicious planet placed in the second House and it forges a relation with any self-housed, highly positioned and friendly zodiac planet, there would be no obstacles in education. Education becomes free of any hurdles as a result of the sight of any auspicious planet and a student tastes success in every step to the top.

Any lower planet positioned in the eighth House also sometimes proves helpful in receiving higher studies. Owing to it, chances for a student to study staying away from their birthplace or in abroad develops. Any inauspicious, sinner or cruel planet placed in this house affects studies of a student staying abroad or in hostel. The position of Venus facilitates better education. But, if sight of any planet placed in the eighth House is on the second house, there could be unexpected hurdles and crisis in gaining knowledge. If Rahu is placed in the sixth, eighth or tenth house in any zodiac then a student lacks concentration in studies creating obstacles in his studies. The positioning of Saturn in the fifth and eighth house also creates obstacles in gaining knowledge. This obstacle is also possible due to wealth. The acquired education is rendered useless due to this position of the Saturn. Similarly, other planets too could prove hurdles to gaining knowledge.

Here are some important remedies to get rid of the obstacles, embracing which a student can keep hurdles coming on the way of education at bay and achieve desired success. Thus, the acquired knowledge can also be utilised in a suitable way.

Sun: The sight of Sun and Saturn and Rahu in the second House is inauspicious. Both has to be in peace to get rid of it. If the Sun is not auspicious in the Dwitiyesh position, ‘Shanti’ must be performed on it. Following are the ways to get rid of other obstacles caused by the Sun.

  • Take ‘Yantra’ or ‘pendal’.
  • Practice Sahaj dhyan yoga.
  • Place a picture of the Sun god that clearly carries the image of the Sun, chariot, horses and charioteer Arun in your study room.


Moon: The giver of mind, Moon has special significance in studies. It makes a student dedicated towards studies. Practice the following remedies to get rid of the obstacles caused by its inauspicious effect.

  • Worship goddess Saraswati.
  • Take Kheer after keeping it in a silver plate with ‘Panchdashi Yantra’ made on it according to the Moon zodiac from Cancer. This provides concentration and better opportunities of education will appear.
  • Take blessings of saints, sages and knowledgeable men on a full moon day.


Mars: Practice the following remedies to get rid of the obstacles caused by the Mars.

  • Prepare kheer made of half portion of rice and half portion of ‘Panchmewa’ and offer it to lord Shiva. Continue this service regularly for forty days.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa with utmost devotion every day.
  • While studying, your back should be facing Agni corner.


Mercury: Practice the following remedies to get rid of the obstacles caused by the inauspicious effects of Mercury.

  • Offer ‘Durba’ to lord Ganesha.
  • Study on a table made of wood with a green cloth spread on it.
  • It would be good to wear Emerald (Paana) in small finger.


Venus:  Following are the remedies of obstacles caused by the Venus.

  • Worship goddess Kamala Maha vidya with utmost devotion.
  • Offer white flower to lord Shiva regularly.
  • Feed kheer to little school children or kids on Friday.


Saturn: Saturn is considered as the most harmful planet for education. Contrary to it, there is some important knowledge which can be gained only due to the Saturn. Practice the following remedies to get rid of the obstacles caused by the inauspicious effects of Saturn.

  • Worship Mahavidya Mahakali.
  • Feed honey and roti to black dog every Saturday.
  • Do not pursue studies by taking loan.
  • Use wooden table and chair instead of the iron one in home.
  • Apply oil on the latches, rings and locks of the study room doors in evening.


Rahu: Like Saturn, Rahu too is a negative force in education. Practice the following remedies to get rid of the obstacles caused by the inauspicious effects of this planet.

  • Feed roti, bread or biscuit made of mixed grains to black and brown dogs
  • Organise Tantra Anusthan of goddess Chinnamasta
  • Offer earthen lamps to lord Bhairav
  • Take Aamla pickle in every morning


If there are obstacles coming into way due to unfavourable positions of planets or any other reason, if memory power is decreased, worship of Mahavidya Tara and Neel Saraswati should be performed with grand celebration and their ‘yantra’ too should be retained.