There are many kinds of professions in the world. Some are involved in managing wealth, others involve catering to guests for a fee, others with creating new products, and so on. In this article, we will discuss another very important profession that deals with distributing information, that of a journalist.

In a journalist’s profession, the astrologer must acknowledge the influence of goddess Saraswati instead of goddess Lakshmi. In this field the person should know the art of using attractive words and have good writing skills.

Journalists have the talent to change things, though some might consider it is a drop into an ocean, he has the ability to cause a revolution. With the grace of Goddess Saraswati, journalists acquire the ability to mould their words into pearls or as burning coal. The person who is an expert in this art will obtain fame, respect as well as popularity.

Mercury is considered the significator of pen and Mars of ink in Astrology. The combination of both the planets, bring the person into the profession of writing. Mercury plays a vital role in the birth-chart of Journalists. Mercury is fickle, unsteady and an influential planet which reacts quickly. When the influence of Mercury, combines with the influence of Jupiter in the birth-chart then it creates an auspicious Yoga. The person who is in the profession of Journalist will also have the influence of the sixth house in his birth-chart.

1. Important Houses: The Third, Fifth and the Tenth House
The third house is the house of communication in the birth-chart. This house reflects the art of speaking. The third house gives information regarding all the instruments of communication such as television, newspaper etc. Alongwith education, the fifth house also gives the person an ability to speak artistically. The tenth house is the house of occupation. If three of them have positive influences, the person will achieve success in the field of journalism.

2. Important Planets: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter
Mercury is the main planet of expression and communication. Combination of Mars and Mercury is similar to the combination of pen and ink, a person who will get this combination in his birth-chart will publish his articles. The influence of Jupiter makes the person knowledgeable. Jupiter is also a Kaarak of money and fame. Therefore, if it is placed in the auspicious house and has an auspicious effect then the person will achieve both the qualities.

3. Navmansh Kundali and Dashmansh Kundali
Yogas formed in the birth-chart should be reviewed in the Navmansh Kundali because to determine the field of occupation only through the analysis of birth-chart will be called carelessness. Therefore, to review his decisions and analysis Astrologers should also study Navmansh Kundali.

Dashmansh Kundali is considered to study deeply the matters related to occupation. If out of three charts, any two indicate that he will earn his income from the field of journalism, then it will be confirmed that he will reap definite benefits and fame from this field.

4. Directions and Transit:
The Yogas in the birth-chart give appropriate results when the planets and house associated with their occupation form a relationship with the periods in the age of his livelihood. The influence of the double transit on the tenth house/lord is mandatory.

5. Other Yogas:
In the birth-chart of successful journalists, the third house should be in a strong position. It will be auspicious for the journalist if the planets associated with the field of journalism form a relationship with the third house in large number. If the planet of Amatyakaarak is strong in the person’s birth-chart then the person will reach towards success in this profession accordingly.