Anushka Sharma Birthday

Anushka Sharma is a famous actress and film producer in Bollywood. Anushka started her career with modelling and later signed for three films at the same time from Yash Raj Banner. Anushka Sharma’s debut film ‘Rab Ne Bana De Jodi’ is a super hit. After this, the audience highly appreciated her in many movies. Anushka Sharma was born on 1st May 1988. So coming May is her birthday. Let’s have a look at her horoscope to know about her planetary position.

Anushka Sharma is born in Swati Nakshatra and under Rahu Dasha. Cancer Ascendant was on the rise at the time of your birth, which indicates that you are an unassuming individual having moderate personality who will not attract undue attention at any gathering. Your nature is such that you have a strong mental and moral fibre. Normally you are talkative, but at the slightest hint of criticism, you become discreet and withdraw into a shell.

In your Horoscope, Mars is exalted in the seventh house, which indicates that your life-partner will be your choice. As a result, you got your partner (Virat Kohli) with your own choice. Your relation will be deep and harmonious. Since Mars is expected in the tenth house, you will be known as a respectable and dignified woman in the society. You will have the desired progress in your field of work since Mars is expected to ascend, you will enjoy good health but at times you may lose temper. Mars aspect of the second house indicates that you will enjoy a peaceful and comfortable family life. So you will be totally satisfied with your life.

Sun is lord of second house and also exalted in tenth house, which makes you very famous and powerful in your own field. The location of mercury in Aries sign in the tenth house is a good sign. You can aspire to earn more than your own expectations, and lead a comfortable and decent life. There are indications that you will be blessed with income from more than one source. In addition, you may also profit from the speculative investment. You will always be blessed with Maa Laxmi.

Currently, you are passing from Jupiter Mahadasha. Jupiter conjoins with Sun and Mercury in the tenth house, here this planetary combination gives Anushka Sharma name, fame and gain in her own field. In 2008, when Sun came in Jupiter Mahadasha (as the sun is exalted), her first debut movie Rab ne bana de Jodi became blockbuster. And still, she is getting success in her field under Jupiter Mahadasha.

As you are very diplomatic in your dealings, you can take a plunge into politics from which you can hope to emerge with flying colours.

Your planetary position indicates that you have a chance to get honour from the government.

If you have any planning to do Partnership business in future it will be beneficial for you.

Things Anushka Sharma can do for more success:

  • It will be good to wear Sapphire.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa everyday.
  • Offer Prasad at Shani Mandir on every Saturdays.