Various gods and goddesses are there in Hindu religion, but Batook Bhairav is known to get pleased soon and gives blessing.  There is the description of 64 Bhairavas in Rudrayamal-Tantra. In Tantra, it is said that Bhairav was born from lord Shiva. Scholars say that Bhairav has been called as ‘Rudra’ also.

Batook Bhairav is of white complexion like ‘Sphatik-stone’, has earrings in both ears, three eyes, decorated with precious stones and red flower garlands. God Batook Bhairav has divine expression on his face and keeps weapons in his arms.

We get the description of origin of Batook Bhairav in the Katli-Khand of Shakti-sangam-Tantra. As per this, in ancient times a demon named ‘Apaad’ was there. With hard ‘tapasya’, he got the boon that he could be killed only by a boy of five years of age, and no other human being or animal can kill him. After getting this boon, he started spreading his terror in all three dimensions like on Earth, ocean and in sky. Even any god and goddess could not kill him. All the gods and goddesses assembled at one place to get freedom from his terror. But they were not in position to kill due to the boon, which the demon had got. When the gods and goddesses were busy in discussions, suddenly from the bodies of all the couple gods and goddesses a divine ray came out from each couple of god and goddess and that light turned into a five-year old boy. The divine rays gave birth to various five year old boys. The ray continued to get longer and longer and on its pick the ray turned into a five year old boy of white complexion. All these just born babies were known as ‘Batooks’. But the’ Batook’ of white complexion killed the demon Apaad and freed the gods and goddesses from his terror. After this incident, the Apaad-killer ‘Batook’ was known as Apaad-uddhharak Batook Bhairav.

Worship of Batook Bhairav can be done on every Tuesday and Sunday, this year on June 22, the Batook Jayanti is coming. This is the very auspicious day for the worship of Batook Bhairav. If any special ‘tantra-prayog’ related to Batook Bhairav would be performed with the hymns of Batook Bhairav on this auspicious day; will give benefits soon and bless the worshipper with prosperity and peace.

With the worship of Batook Bhairav, the worshipper can fulfill all sorts of his wishes and get freedom from his miseries.  The worshipper can get blessings of longevity, wisdom, wealth and power. If you are suffering with such any critical and severe problems and you want to get free from these problems; you should start worshipping lord Batook Bhairav to get rid-off your problems and sufferings. With the worship of Batook Bhairav, the worshipper can be feared from his enemies. Worships of Batook Bhairav are beneficial to get freedom from the problems related to enmity and rivalry.

Worship of Batook Bhairav is beneficial for the horoscope related problems of planets like Rahu and Ketu also. In the worships of all the Bhairavas, the worship of Batook Bhairav is very auspicious and graceful and gives benefits soon.

How to worship Lord Batook Bhairav

It is essential for the worshipper to worship Batook Bhairav on Batook Bhairav Jayanti. Take holy bath and purify yourself, establish a picture or ‘yantra’ of Batook Bhairav on wooden ‘patia’, decorate the picture or ‘yantra’ with red colour cloth, ‘Ashta-gandh’ with pieces of red-colour rice and red flower garlands. After this, perform the ‘pujan’ first of lord Ganesh, goddess Ambika, ‘kalash’, ‘Nav-grahas’, ‘Shodash-matrikas’ and other gods and goddesses. After all this, worship the Batook Bhairav as main- worship (Pradhan-puja) of lord.

When to do Batook Bhairav Vrat?

It is the tradition to do the ‘vrat’ of Batook Bhairav on every Tuesday and Sunday, but if the ‘vrat’ is being performed on Sunday; it will be very beneficial for the worshipper. The worshipper should worship Batook Bhairav after taking holy bath and ‘sankalp’, with all rituals. In the ‘pujan’ of Batook Bhairav, the worshipper  should use  garlands made with red flowers of ‘kaner’ and ‘gudhal’, in offering the ‘naivadya’, worshipper should offer ‘kheer’, ‘laddoos’ made of wheat or ‘mava’, ‘besan’,  sweet ‘lapasi’ and other oily food items. If possible feed a Brahman with one time meal and after that the worshipper should break his fast with taking meal, made with all these items.

The worshipper should feed a dog also on this day to please Batook Bhairav. The worshippers of Batook Bhairav should not insult or beat the dogs; as the red flag of Batook Bhairav is having the picture of a dog.

The worshipper should perform the ‘jap’ of 108-hymns (Mantras) of Batook Bhairav on the ‘vrat-day’.  Along with this, he should do the ‘paath’ of ‘Apaad-uddhharak Batook Bhairav Stotra’, Shree Batook Bhairav Sahastranam Stotra, Batook Bhairav ‘Stotra-kavach’, Ashtottarshatnamawali Stotra and other epics related to Batook Bhairav.

It is mentioned in the Hindu mythological sculptures that ‘Deepdan’ is an important measure to please Batook Bhairav. The ‘Deepdan’ can be performed on every Tuesday and Sunday. The worshipper should perform ‘Deepdan’ in the name of Batook Bhairav; to get relief of all his problems and miseries and to receive all types of wealth, prosperity and peace.  The worshipper should use ‘Deeps’ lighted in Ghee (clarified-milk) made of cow milk. The ‘Deepdan’ should be done in the temple of Batook Bhairav. If no temple of Batook Bhairav is around worshipper’s house, the worshipper can perform the ‘Deepdan’ in any Shiva temple also on Tuesday or Sunday. It should be performed particularly in east side. By doing this, the worshipper will be benefited with prosperity, wealth and peace. The ‘Deepdan’ ritual should be performed for minimum one year continuously. Before doing the ‘Deepdan’, the worshipper should do the ‘jap’ of ‘Om Batook Bhairavay Namah’ for 108 times. After performing ‘Deepdan’ ritual, the worshipper should do the ‘Dandwat-Pranam’ to Batook Bhairav with full devotion and pray the lord to bless you with all types of wealth, prosperity and wishes.

Process of ‘Batook Bhairav Mantra-Prayog’’!  

To get relief from all types of problem and misery, worship of ‘Apaad-uddhharak Batook Bhairav’ has been mentioned as an important effective measure. Worshipper should start the 41-days ‘Mantra-Prayog’ from the occasion of Batook Bhairav Jayanti. The worshipper should perform the ‘jap-mala’ of 21-letters’ mantra daily, the ‘mantra’ is mentioned as per below. By doing this for 41-days constantly, the worshipper will get relief from all his problems and crises. Before starting the ‘jap-mala’, the worshipper should do the ‘pujan’ of Batook Bhairav as per rituals and pray to bless him. The worshipper should worship and pray with full devotion (Shraddha) and if he would do so, he will be blessed after completion of this 41-day ‘mantra-prayog’ of Batook Bhairav.  The ‘mantra-jap-mala’ should be performed after the Sunset for 41-days. Daily one ‘jap-mala’.

The 21-letters’ ‘Apaad-uddhharak Batook Bhairav mantra’ :–


Yutam ratna-mayeh smer-vandanam kutilalkam.

Dakshe shoolam cha parshuam dadhat batu-rupinan,

Dwij-bhujam sasmerad dev-kayarth satvik dwijah.

Vaishnavastu chaturbahu jata-mukut dharinyah,

Trishool pash-dandi cha dadhate cha kamandalum’.

The worshipper should perform the ‘jap-mala’ of this 21-letter mantra for eight times with Rudraksha-mala. After completion of ‘jap-mala’, worshipper should perform ‘jap-mala’ for eight times of this ‘mantra;: ‘Om hrym Batookay Apaaduddhharayana kuru-kuru Batookay hrym.’

The worshipper should use all pure items for the ‘pujan’ of Batook Bhairav on the occasion of Batook Bhairav Jayanti on June 22. Perform the ‘pujan’ and offer the ‘naivadya’ to lord Batook Bhairav with full devotion and get rid-off of problems and receive prosperity and peace.