Shani Jayanti

This year Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on May 15, 2018. As per Hindu tradition, son of Lord Sun and Chhaya, Lord Shani was born on Jyeshth Krishna Amavasya.  The Shani Jayanti festival is very important  who have been suffering from Lord Shani’s effects. As per rituals, on this festival, devotees should perform a special puja with full devotion. Lord Shani gets pleased with performing the puja, jap, tap, etc for the whole day and provides inspiration to live life peacefully and overcome from miseries.

What to do on Shani Jayanti?

Paath of various hymns and stotras, related to Lord Shani should be done on this day to please Lord Shani with full religious rituals. All the puja, paath, donation and other devotional acts are helpful to get rid of Lord Shani’s bad effects.  The devotees should take early morning bath and take the blessings of all the gods and goddesses, their parents and guru to start the special puja of Lord Shani. Perform the ‘shodopchar-pujan’ of Lord Shani along with Lord Ganesh, Sun and Navgraha either in the temple or at their residence. After that, install the iron idol of Lord Shani and perform the bath of the idol with either mustard or ‘teel’ oil and later on perform the ‘shodopchar-pujan’ of the idol.  Along with the pujan, devotees should do the constant ‘mantra-jap’ of Lord Shani.

  • Perform the ‘pujan’ with full rituals, do the ‘paath’ of Shani-Chalisa, perform the ‘aarati’ and jap of 108 names of Lord Shani.
  • Donate the things related to Lord Shani. After performing the ‘pujan’ in this manner; keep the fast for the whole day and after sunset break the fast in the evening. Take the items made with oil and ‘teel’ in the meal.
  • Devotees should donate the items on this auspicious day like black clothes, blackberry, black udad, black shoes, ‘teel,’ iron, oil, gud and other likewise items.
  • Donate the food items made with oil to needy people outside of Shani temple.
  • Devotees should perform the ‘darshan’ of lord Shani in temple along with lord Hanumanji.
  • Devotees should follow the ‘brahamcharya’ on Shani Jayanti and on the occasion of Shani-puja.
  • Devotees should not look into the eyes of lord Shani’s idols or in picture during performing the ‘darshan’.

Know about lord Shani!

As per ‘Skand-Puran’, lord Sun had got married with the daughter of Daksha Prajapati- Sangya. After marriage, both lived together for sometime and gave birth to three children with names of Manu, Yam and Yamuna. But Sangya was not able to bear the ‘tej’ of lord Sun for long and left him after leaving her shadow. After that, Sangya’s shadow ‘Chhaya’ gave the birth of Lord Shani. Due to hard ‘tapsya’ of Chhaya, Shani got black complexion, long body, eyes and hair. Lord Shani’s conveyance is a vulture. Lord Shani’s speed is very slow, therefore another name is Shaneshchar also.  Due to slow speed, Shani dev remains for about seven and half years in single ‘rashi’.

Lord Shani dev is known as the god of justice and many people think that he is very harsh, as due to bad effects of Lord Shani the richer people become poorer. But in fact, lord Shani is the god justice and his judgement is always impartial. And during impartial justice, the guilty get punishment also.

How Shani dev became a god of justice?

As per Hindu mythology, in comparison to other children of Lord Sun; Shani dev was of different nature. It is being told that at the time of his birth as lord Sun looked into Shani’s eyes and hence, Shani dev became patient with leprosy.  As of childhood, Shani dev’s complexion was black, so lord Sun did not adopt him, due to that Shani dev started to treat lord Sun as his enemy.

As Shani dev grew old, his enmity with Sun became stronger. When all the children of Lord Sun became elder, Sun made arrangements of separate lokas for every child. But Shani dev did not get satisfied with this distribution and planned to attack on all the other ‘lokas’. Lord Sun got hurt with Shani dev’s such plan. Shani’s terror was speeding up. So, Sun prayed to Lord Shiva to calm down Shani Dev. Lord Shiva warned Shani dev, but he did not bother with the warning. Lord Shiva became angry with this and decided to punish Shani. After a long battle with Lord Shiva, Shani became unconscious. Seeing the condition of his son, Lord Sun showed kindness towards Shani and prayed to Lord Shiva to forgive him. Lord Shiva got merciful and left Shani. After this incident, Shani accepted the authority of Lord Shiva and said that he had wanted to render his services to Lord Shiva. After that, Shani started to perform hard ‘tap’ of Lord Shiva to get the powers like lord Sun. Pleased with his hard ‘tap’ and fighting skills, Lord Shiva blessed Shani and appointed him as one of his most important servants. Lord Shiva appointed Shani as his magistrate and provided the place in nine planets. After getting this power, Shani dev started to punish people as a true magistrate and helping in Lord Shiva’s works. Lord Shani never punishes people unnecessarily, therefore he has been known as god justice also. Shani dev always provides ‘karma-phal’ to people.

Shani has an important place in all nine planets in people’s horoscopes. As Shani punishes people for their acts, he has been known as papi-graha also in horoscopes. Different gains are being received of Lord Shani due to 12th place in all the twelve ‘lagnas’ where, Shani is known as ‘yogkarak-graha’ in the ‘lagnas’ of Taurus and Leo, while in Cancer and Libra, it is known as ‘Aakarak-graha’. In the ‘lagnas’ of Capricorn and Aquarius, it is known as ‘karak-graha’, in the ‘lagnas’ of Sagittarius and Pisces, it provides general effects to devotees.

It is important to perform special ‘pujan’ on the occasion of Shani Jayanti to get good effects during the periods of ‘sadhe-sati’, and ‘dhayya’ on auspicious ‘muhurtas’ on this day.

Shani-Mantra :

Om Shaneshcharaya Namaha…!