Mahadasha – The Ruler of Events in Vedic Astrology

Mahadasha system is a great feature of Vedic astrology and this is a method to find the timing of events. This feature is only available with Vedic astrology. There are so many other dasha systems like Yogini, Nirayana Shola dasha and Jaimini Chara dasha, and Vimshottari dasha. Vimshottari dasha is the most popular among them. According […]


Beauty and Astrology: The connection you must know about

Everybody wants to appear beautiful. But people do not get attracted to each one. In fact, beauty or luster is a gift of nature. Beauty by itself is an asset. The one, who possesses the wealth of beauty, owns everything on this earth. According to astrology, two planets — Moon and Venus— are the giver […]