Guru Purnima: Worship the wise and remove darkness

In 2018, Guru Purnima will be celebrated on 27th of July. If a person has knowingly made any mistake, then he should apologize to his guru. The word ‘guru’ has its roots in the Sanskrit language, where ‘gu’ means darkness and ‘ru’ stands for the removal of darkness. In the Hindu scriptures, the glory of […]


Jupiter: The ‘Guru’ that delivers purity, honesty, and happiness

Jupiter is considered the most powerful and biggest among the nine planets. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is lord of Sagittarius and Pisces sign and in¬†Nakshatra it is lord of Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra. Jupiter is auspicious planet which delivers purity, honesty, truthfulness and happiness. People who are influenced by Jupiter are generally fat […]