Things you need to know about Rahu–ketu Transit 2019

Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets which astronomically do not exist. They move in retrograde motion and are said to have huge impact on our lives. These shadowy Planets are going to change their signs. Their transit is considered to be significant astrological events as they both spend a long period of 18 months […]


Mahadasha – The Ruler of Events in Vedic Astrology

Mahadasha system is a great feature of Vedic astrology and this is a method to find the timing of events. This feature is only available with Vedic astrology. There are so many other dasha systems like Yogini, Nirayana Shola dasha and Jaimini Chara dasha, and Vimshottari dasha. Vimshottari dasha is the most popular among them. According […]