Shankhs (conches) are of different sizes and types. According to Shankh Sanhita, any kind of Shankh can be installed in homes. Based on prominence, the Shankhs are classified into three categories such as ‘Vamvarti’, ‘Dakshinvarti’ and ‘Madhyavarti’. ‘Vamvarti’ is the kind of Shankh that can be played. The mouth if it is on the left side and therefore it opens from the left side.

‘Dakshinvarti’ is a rare and amazing Shankh of a special variety. It is called ‘Dakshinvarti’ for it opens on the right side. This kind of Shankh is hardly available in the market. The ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh is produced in the sea due to auspicious influence of a particular constellation of stars in the sky. Owing to its magical power this Shankh is very rare and precious as well. After collecting an original ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh and performing purification and ‘pranpratistha’, install it at your business site, industry, office, shop or worshiping place in your home.

After worshiping, filling the Shankh with water, milk and Ganges water and sprinkling them removes poverty, debt and misfortune and brings good luck, the eternal goddess Lakshmi and prosperity in home remains forever. Shankh Sanhita has details about ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh written in it. When a person gets stuck in absolute poverty, hopelessness, faces failure in business; when there seems no way out of financial depression, ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh stands as a spiritual remedy to achieve economic improvement in this world. Benefits can be reaped by installing it in a prescribed way. Whoever has installed this radiating Shankh made by the ocean god in their home gets rid of poverty, deficiency, failure and diseases. This is a scriptural truth that ‘Dakshinvarti’ is the sibling of goddess Lakshmi.

Both the ‘Dakshinvarti’ goddess Mahalakshmi have their common origin in ocean. Therefore, whoever wants to embrace the wealth giver goddess Mahalakshmi permanently should use this divine thing. The grace and significance of Shankh is specific to every occasion. This is the main among four weapons of lord Vishnu. The beginning of every worship with Shankh carries a special significance and it has been considered pious in every worship. All the usages related to Lakshmi are hardly of any value compared to the use of ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh.

It is believed that everything turns auspicious in the house which has ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh installed inside it. Goddess Lakshmi resides permanently in that house. The house wherein good quality ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh is worshipped, possesses luck and turns wealthy because this special Shankh accumulated from the Moon’s elixir, originated from ocean and consisting of air and constellation of energy weakens the enemy, keeps diseases, ignorance and anything unlucky away and also, enhances life span. There is a narrative in Brahma Vaivarta Purana which asserts that this Shankh is rather just a divine form of the Moon and the Sun. Varun stays in the middle and on its back resides the Ganges.

As permitted by lord Vishnu, all the pilgrimages reside in Shankh and it is the form of Kuber. Therefore, it must be worshipped. A mere sight of it destroys all the sins. Every successful wise person has noted such significant effect of this ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh. In terms of showering wealth and prosperity and happiness this Shankh is unmatchable. The only way of winning Garuda-mounted goddess Lakshmi and having her permanently in the house is the use of ‘Dakshinvarti’ Shankh which is surprisingly capable of blessing with wealth.