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Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Business: First half of the year will be generally favourable for business. A little more effort may be needed to succeed in business. You will have new beginnings. Your friends and family will be very helpful. There should be good profit earned through business. You will come in contact with important people. You should avoid doing too many tasks together. Also, every work should be done with more zeal. Situations of getting high posts are developing for jobholders and financial support and other help will also be received.

Social: This year will be normal in terms of family matters. Mental anxiety over any member in the family may increase. Your father will also achieve great and professional benefits but your anxiety about your mother’s health may increase. In the second part of the year, some good news about a close relative can be received.

Elements hostile to your family will move away and the family members’ behaviour with you will become extremely cordial.

Economic: This year will bring great results in economic affairs. If you put a little effort with integrity, you will have no more financial problems. Strong chances of increase in your income is already existing. You will earn money through business. Circumstances of gaining wealth from son is developing.

Health: Your health may remain weak in the beginning of the year. Physical energy will appear to be gradually decreasing. You may have stomach trouble. You should exercise restraint on food and drink which will improve your health. A married person will likely to get a lot of service from his life partner.

Career and Education: First half of the year is not much favourable for students. You will not get your desired success in competitive examinations. Therefore, avoid any kind of negligence. Time is running favourable for admission in a particular course and chances are there to go away from home for studies. You may travel abroad for jobs or higher education.

Remedy: On Saturday morning, offer water under a sacred fig tree and donate lamp in the evening. Donate food to beggars.