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Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Business: At the beginning of the year, a more profitable chance is on anvil for you which hints at a new business. You can also start a new job. For jobholders and professionals, the time is of promotions. Therefore, do not entangle in disputes and controversies; otherwise you may fall victim to the fury of owner or the senior officials. Work with wisdom in an adverse situation.

Social: First half of the year will be normal, however due to excessive travelling you won’t be able to devote much time to your family and relatives. You will experience bitterness in personal life and you have to work intelligently. Self-reliance is very important because expected support will not be availed by your friends and relatives. It is important to pay attention to your children and wife. In the first half of the year, chances of traveling to a religious place or a place related to your ancestors are developing.

Economic: Economic situation is going to remain favourable at the beginning of the year. You will be successful in saving and can receive wealth unexpectedly. However, keep away from unethical activities like gambling and lottery and secure savings. Money may be spent on purchasing household items, and on the health of wife as well. She should pay attention to her health.

Health: This year will be favourable from the perspective of health. Except for minor illnesses, you will be able to improve your health throughout the entire year. Even if for some reason you fall sick or have problems from weather-borne diseases your health will recover sooner. It is important to have some restraint on food and drink.

Career and Education: Normally, this year will be highly favourable for students. The time is favourable for studies in the areas like banking or management and heavy chances of achieving success in competitive examinations and career advancement are already existing. In the second half of the year, chances of transfer are there and it will be beneficial for you. It is also possible to get transfer to your desired position. As a result of transfer, you will gain special knowledge and guidance and also, grow a sense of responsibility.

Remedy: Serve mother and worship lord Shankar.