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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope

Business: This year is extremely favourable in terms of business, so you will make progress in business with your luck and hard work by your side. This year is developing circumstances for you to achieve higher post and get transfer to desired place. New ideas will give birth to new schemes. You can take proper advantage of it.

You will achieve deserving success in the field of business and work. At the end of the year, work and business related travel will also keep you busy.

Social: This year will be favourable for you from a family perspective. Happiness, peace and calm will continue to remain in house. You will have complete pleasure of marriage, wealth and children. You will associate yourself with various religious institutions and spend money in religious activities. If you are single, you will get married this year. Mother’s health will witness some issues while the year will prove beneficial to your father.

Opportunities to visit religious places will be received. You will enjoy happy trips with family members too.

Economic: This time is very favourable from economic perspective.

Sources of income will be prominent throughout the year. There are also chances of getting ancestral property along with it. You will reap more profit if you invest money in a new business. Chances of receiving money in manglik activities will develop in which you will grow sense of mutual cooperation which will further help you earn money.

Health: First half of the year will be good for your health. You will be satisfied mentally and good thoughts will follow. You will perform each task positively. Your diet and routine will also improve for good health. Health may get slightly affected in the middle of the year due to which possibilities of getting affected by diseases such as blood pressure and wind and bile disorder may form.

Career and Education: In terms of career, the year will be normal. Your morale will increase. If you are participating in competitive examinations, chances of success will develop on basis of your hard work. There will be favourable time for the fields like medical, technical, and commercial. People associated with lawyers, judges and law will get special benefits.

Remedy: Worship lord Hanuman for good health, streamline your daily routine. Donate iron on Saturday.