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Gemini Yearly Horoscope

Business: Beginning of the year will be the best for business. Due to your continuous efforts you would manage to save. There is also hope for getting new sources of income. If your money is withheld you can get it at this time. Chances of transfer are developing for the jobholders. You may suffer loss in work due to lack of confidence. There has been a great deal of transfer already existing for professionals.

Social: Time will no more remain economically favourable from the middle of the year. Some people in family can hurt your sentiment with their reactions; so, it is better to develop self-resistance power while dealing with adverse situations. For the people having children, the time is also good for children’s education and their career. In the first half of this year, your parents will get opportunity to visit religious places.

Economic: This year will be steady from economic perspective. Chances are developing to receive sudden wealth. There is a possibility of receiving a will in this period. Avoid making large investments to begin a new work at the end of this year because the time is not favourable for you.

Health: There will be some deficiency in health and psychological stress due to some economic issues or because of any opposition. Your health may worsen during travel, so do make less journeys. Digestive power may weaken, so take regular care of food. Delaying in taking meals can also render physical pain. In the latter part of the year, be more careful during journeys and other activities. Health related problems will appear occasionally during travelling.

Career and Education: First half of the year will be good for career. Together with some experienced persons, you will improve your style of work and receive support of government officials and senior people which can benefit you in your work. Do not blindly believe any person as chances of being cheated are already looming.

Remedy: Worship lord Ganesha and goddess Durga, serve cow and feed them a portion of your meals. Donating green saari, and marital material to transgender will provide adequate relief.