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Leo Yearly Horoscope

Business: This year will generally be favourable from business perspective. In this period, your belief in self will give you constant insight and you will receive respect and dignity by hard work. Invest in the affairs of property and real estate very carefully. It will also be difficult to get stability in your job. Hard labour and intellectual rigour are needed. It can give success away from home, in foreign countries.

Social: This year is not the best for family matters. You will be stuck with mental and family problems. Especially, family responsibilities will increase and mental anxiety will follow in getting rid of them. For this reason, you will also experience absence of family happiness.

Support of your family members will not be received. Therefore, develop resistive power and become self-sufficient. After August, all the hassles will start withering away. Circumstances of religious trips are also developing.

Economic: This year will be mixed in terms of finance. Though money will arrive this year, it will also be spent in manglik activities of family members and relatives. Despite all, you can lose your money through someone, so avoid risky investments.

Health: In terms of health, this year is not suitable enough. In such situation it would be necessary to take care of health. If you are already suffering from a prolonged illness, there is a need for abstinence. Be careful when driving. Develop confidence in self for coping adverse situations with intelligence, otherwise health may get affected.

Career and Education: This year will be mixed in terms of career. Time is favourable for the students who want to study abroad or away, and they can be employed in a big company this year as well. Also, those who are preparing for competitive examinations can get success. In the latter half of the year changes would not be

favourable for jobholders, i.e., they will not get their desired location.

Remedy: Get up early in the morning and worship the Sun with red flower offerings. Donate copper.