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Libra Yearly Horoscope

Business: From the point of view of business, this year will be mixed fruitful. Need to put constant effort to achieve success in business. Control your speech in the field of business, otherwise you will have to face problems. You will get a new turn in business due to meeting an experienced person in the latter part of the year.

There could be long journey for business. This journey will prove successful. During the period, do not sign important documents without checking it and keep a check on your risk-taking tendencies.

Social: This year will remain mixed in terms of family matters. Peaceful environment will be maintained in the family which will further support you. You may go to pilgrimage along with your family members. Number of new members in the family will increase. You will receive support from your family. In the middle of the year, there could be dispute due to non-fulfilment of all the expectations of family members.

Economic: This year will be economically advanced for you. You may get rid of long-pending loans and the likes. However, money will be spent for fulfilling the needs or any other work of your spouse. You will also buy your own house or agricultural land this year. Chances of foreign investment for businessmen is prominent. For farmers and retailers, there is a possibility of good income during this period.

Health: The year is not favourable for health. There will be deficiencies in health but the disease will not be that serious. During this period, you can concentrate your mind to perform meditation and other meditation activities. This will motivate you and you will be successful in maintaining your health.

Career and Education: This year will have mixed influence for students. You could lose interest in studies due to unfavourable first half of the year. Watch your steps if you are willing to enroll in a new course; otherwise both studies and economic condition may get affected. Time is favourable for those who are going to receive education abroad. You will get success in competitive exams. Chance of transfer is already existing for jobholders.

Remedy: Worship goddess Lakshmi. Donate saree to widow.