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Pisces Yearly Horoscope

Business: This year is very favourable for business. You will be looking for a new plan and able to improve your work style by meeting some experienced people. Support of government officials and senior people will also be available adequately with which you will continue to succeed. In the middle of the year some opponents may try to disturb you, but you will get control over them. You will get an opportunity to meet or work with a big company.

Social: Family wise this year will be better. There will be an atmosphere of joy and peace in the family. Those desiring a child may have one. Take any decision keeping in mind the advice of all the members of your family and get blessings from your parents and elders and serve them.

Economic: Time is very favourable from economic perspective. Continuity in income will be maintained. Circumstances of receiving sudden wealth are developing. If you are involved in stock market there is a hope of earning good profit. It will also become a reason behind strengthening your financial condition. You can also recover your money it is stuck somewhere.

Health: This year will be favourable for your health. You will complete each task based on your intellectual capacity. Generally, barring some minor diseases, the entire year will be suitable for you. Patients suffering from stomach ailments and blood pressure should take special care of their health. Expose yourself to the early morning sun and pay respect to it in folding hands. In the latter half of the year, your health may deteriorate.

Career and Education: Time will have mixed outcome for students. Those who work harder will get best results. But students negligent in studies may have to face obstacles. The latter half of the year is suitable for the participants of competitive examinations. The time is calm for those who go to study abroad. Circumstances of transfer and change are existing for the jobholders and businessmen respectively which will prove favourable to them.

Remedy: Respect elders. Serve parents, guru, sage and saints.

Donate besan laddu at a religious place on Thursday.