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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Business: This year will remain mixed in terms of business. While first half of the year will not be that good, the latter half will be extremely favourable. You will achieve success away from your birth place. You will invest more in your business but yield less profit and recover the money stuck somewhere. You will be promoted in your job. There are possibilities of expansion in business. Chances of transfer are developing for the jobholders and professionals which will prove beneficial to them. Businessmen will have foreign tours and prominent chances of earning economic profit from them are developing. This year will prove profitable for the businessmen.

Social: This year is not very favourable from family perspective.

Situation of children’s marriage in home may arise. Some odd circumstances will also develop, so it will be better to develop resistance in self while facing adverse circumstances. Your closest friend too can refuse to fulfill their own promises and you can have differences with them. Father’s health may worsen. He should take care of his health.

Economic: From economic perspective this year will produce mixed results. But you will not experience any financial shortcomings in terms of money. You will receive sudden wealth and also, recover any long-stuck money. You may rebuild your house in the second half of the year.

Health: This year will have mixed results in terms of health. This year you may have complaints related to stomach and kidney. Eat pure and balanced food to maintain better health. Also, take vegetarian diet to prevent liver problems from aggravating. Donate banana on Thursday.

Career and Education: First half of this year is not very well suited for your career. Watch your steps if you are entering a new course

at during the period. Avoid making wrong decisions in haste. You may grow more disinterested in studies due to excessive eating and reluctance.

Remedy: Feed ascetics, sages, guru and Brahmins. Distribute gram flour laddus to poor on Thursday.