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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

Business: This year will not be favourable in terms of business. Possibilities of change in business is existing. Jobholders can be transferred. If you are going to do something new, do consult experienced persons related to the field. You will remain unhappy if you are planning for a business in partnership. There could be differences in understanding with your woman.

Social: This year hints at difficulties related to your life partner’s health and chances of giving birth to child during this period is

developing. This year is not that much favourable for family matters. It is necessary to remain more careful in every case related to the family. Ideological differences may also occur with some of your family members. Manglik activities will also become possible in the latter half of the year.

Economic: This time is not that favourable in terms of financial aspects. You will have more expenses and spend money in religious activities or religious tours. It will be necessary to remain careful in case of investment. Do not invest in risky jobs. Decide on quick money earning avenues only after giving it a serious thought. This year is not suitable for taking risks.

Health: You will witness much ups and downs in health. Particularly, joint pains, headache and wind related problems may occur.

Therefore, do not allow any kind of negligence with health; otherwise it can worsen further. Mental tension may arise due to business or personal issues, so keep yourself balanced and disciplined.

Career and Education: This year will have mixed influence for students. You will gain interest in studies. Students preparing for entrance test to get into a new college may face little delay in admission. Time is favourable if you have interest in science and psychology. If you are getting any lucrative offer related to education it could prove fraud to you. Therefore, be careful.

Chances of transfer is brewing up for the jobholders which would not be favourable.

Remedy: Worship lord Shiva and read mrityunjay mantra.

Receiving blessing of elders and serving parents will prove beneficial.