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Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Business: The year will start with economic advancement. You will be looking for a new plan. Chances of success in your work is brewing. There could be a little bit of mental disturbance and also, an opportunity to meet or work with a big company. Job holders will either have a change or promotion. The latter half will bring trouble in business, but with the help of your efficiency and skills you will find solutions. In the latter half of the year, keep an eye on your employees and servants, otherwise harm can occur.

Social: This year will not be that good for your family. There is a possibility of having difference in thinking with your wife. The latter half of the year will be difficult for your mother but happiness will increase for father. There may be concerns about the health of child. For newlyweds, this time is preparing better opportunity for conceiving child. Religious people will have pilgrimages and earn blessings.

Economic: This year will be normal for you from financial perspectives. You will spend money in religious travel or manglik activities. At the same time, you will remain mentally disturbed for some time. However, it will not affect your normal activities. With enthusiasm and strength, you will remain active in increasing your financial status.

Health: Time will not be that good as far as health is concerned. Problems of joint pain, arthritis and respiratory diseases may arise. This year, you should pay attention to your health and should keep consulting doctor from time to time. This year is going to provide you with healing of physical health.

Career and Education: This year will generally be unfavourable for students. Success will be achieved only after putting more hardwork. Studying will appear unpleasant. Time is favourable for jobholders. There will be promotion and economic advancement. Assistance will be received from top officials. Time is favourable for jobholders and chances of transfer is on anvil, but the transfer will not be favourable.

Remedy: Donate yellow items on Thursday, read Rahu mantra on Wednesday.