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Virgo Yearly Horoscope

Business: This year will do something special to your business or job. Professionally, the time is favourable. Any new business can be started. There will be continuous expansion in your work area. Chances of promotion are there for jobholders. Affection and respect will be received from seniors and powerful people.

Social: This year will remain normal from a family perspective.

However, it will be good and upbeat for children. Chances of accomplishing manglik activities of your younger siblings in family is developing. Atmosphere of peace and calm in family will continue.

Good relationship with elder siblings will develop and they will grow.

Any court case being fought by your family will receive favour. Health of maternal uncle may slightly deteriorate, with chances of increase in knee pain as well as liver related problems.

Economic: Financially, this year will remain very good. You will be able to save due to continuity. Strong chances of receiving new sources of income are developing. Wealth will be received from elder brother and friends. If your money is stuck somewhere, there are chances of recovery with less effort. In the middle of the year, some physical pain and expenditure too can happen.

Health: This year will be normal for health. Except for minor illnesses, the whole year is favourable for you. If there is any, you may get rid of your chronic disease this year. Mental and physical worries will increase a bit in the middle of the year. Pay attention to

digestion especially. Take balanced diet regularly and leave spicy and oily food.

Career and Education: This year will generally be favourable for studies. You will be prepared to work extremely hard to achieve your goals and also, pay attention to your studies. Also, the desire to do some new research in the field of science and technology will increase. If you are willing to participate in any competitive exam, the time is favourable for you. You will get success in it. The time is favourable if you are already receiving any business education or willing to pursue any.

Remedy: Worship Ganesha, donate green objects. Grow tulsi plant in your home and worship it regularly.