Analysis of similarity between the natures, mental dispositions and tastes or liking and disliking of prospective husband and wife on the basis of planetary position and constellations matching by their horoscopes is called matching of horoscopes. By Matchmaking, we try to find out the nature, mental disposition and liking of both the boy and the girl. People having similarity in their nature, mentality and taste fall in love with each other. If there is no similarity in their nature and liking, they start criticising each other that cause dispute, difference of opinion and hatred. They become enemies of each other and their conjugal life turns into hell. So, it is very necessary to match the horoscope of both before marriage, so that they can spend their life happily.

There are many ways to find out the perfect partner for native through matchmaking. Firstly, we should see the yogas in the horoscope which indicates long life, mental stability, prosperity and good health then only the native is compatible to get married. Before matching the two horoscopes, one should examine the horoscope as an individual only.  We should consider the malefic planets, Dasha and Antardasha of Marak and Badhak planets in the horoscope of the male more deeply than that of the female. We should also consider Dosha Samaya, Dasha sandhi and longevity alongwith matching of planets. After this there will be process of analysing matching of stars. There is other issue named Mangal Dosha, which should be analysed in horoscope.

In the matching of stars or constellations, following eight points are mainly studied:- 1. Varna, 2. Vashya, 3. Tara, 4. Yoni. 5. Matching of Rashi lords, 6. Gana, 7. Bhakoot and 8. Nadi.

The combination of all the 8 points is also called Ashtakuta. Every kuta has been given some certain marks as mentioned below:

1          Varna                                                 1

2          Vashya                                              2

3          Tara                                                    3

4          Yoni                                                    4

5          Matching of Rashi Lord                5

6          Gana                                                  6

7          Bhakoot                                            7

8          Nadi                                                   8

Total                                                36

All these eight Gunas has been mentioned in the scriptures. The prospective husband and wife should get 18 kutas or Gunas out of 36 to spend their marriage life normal.  Nadi indicates the health of the natives. It is said that if health is gone, everything is gone. By this reason, it has been given marks ahead of all. Bhakoot shows the natures of the two and their likings and attraction towards each other. So, this has been given 7 marks. Yoni denotes the nature of the natives. This shows which class of nature they belong to – Satwa, Rajas or Tamas. Matching of all these three Gunas is essential.

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