Today Panchang Today Chaugharia
Date 13.06.2018 Upto Chaugharia Upto Chaugharia
Day Wednesday 07:40 Labha 20:37 Udvega
Vikrami Samvat 2075 09:20 Amrit 21:58 Shubh
Month Jyestha 10:59 Kaal 23:18 Amrit
Paksh Krishna 12:39 Shubh 24:39 Char
Tithi/Ending Amavasaya(15) upto 25:13 14:18 Roga 25:59 Roga
Sun Rise 06:01 15:58 Udvega 27:20 Kaal
Sun Set 19:16 17:37 Char 28:40 Labha
Moon Rise/Set 05:27 19:16 Labha 30:01 Udvega
Moon set 18:54
Moon Transit (Rashi) Gemini
Nakashtra Rohini upto 16:43
Yoga Dhrati upto 09:12
Karan Chatuspada upto 14:56
Karan Naga upto 25:13
Bhadra —–
Panchak —–
Rahu Kaal 12:39 to 14:18
Gulika Kaal 10:59 to 12:39

Panchang or Panchangam is a Sanskrit word that literally means “the five limbs”. Therefore, Panchang consists of five essential elements: Tithi (Hindu date), Vaar (Day), Yoga, Nakshatra (star), and Karan. Other than these things, modern Panchangam contains various other useful information such as Hindu festivals, important dates, horoscope, and much more. Here, you will get Today’s Panchang & Today’s Chaugharia that tells about important Muhurat, Disha Shool, sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, and various other information for your particular place, which will prove to be very helpful.