Diwali signifies victory of light over darkness. This has a lot of importance in Vastu and Feng Shui, which one needs to understand in detail. It’s observed that just before Diwali people start cleaning houses, give a fresh coat of paint to the walls, hang torans, light up the entrance and front of the building and much more. This all has significant importance in improving energy level of the property. Vastu and Feng Shui can be incorporated for Mind and Thoughts Energies or Man Vastu, Earth Energies or Bhoomi Vastu, Home Energies or Gruha Vastu, Business Energies or Vyaapaar Vastu, Bedroom Energies or Shayan Vastu and Vehicle or Yaan Vastu.

‘Mind and Thoughts Energies’ play a very important role in human life. Thinking pattern and mental health is very important for success. Thinking positive is highly beneficial for ‘Mental Health’. Negative thoughts cause anxiety and depression. People who think positive expand their mind’s energies and people who think negative contract their mind energies. Determination, dedication and devotion lead to positive thinking and success. People tend to blame others or their properties for their own lack of success and downfall. When things go wrong, make a personal assessment and analyse the situation. Change the thinking pattern to positive and you will be amazed to see the difference. Vastu and Feng Shui for ‘Mind and Thoughts’ is largely governed by storage spaces and clutter.


Storage space is required in each and every house and office. But you must be very careful to arrange the storage space. The storage space can be in the form of a room, cabinet, wardrobe or just shelves. It should be in proportion. Goods should be shuffled regularly. Even in retail outlets products displayed must be shuffled regularly.

Introduction to clutter

The word ‘clutter’ means junk or untidy collection of things. Any kind of obstacle in the smooth flow of energy is defined as clutter. This in turn creates confusion in the lives of the occupant. As soon as clutter accumulates, the energy becomes stagnant. Imagine a person sitting on an arm chair for hours and hours without getting up, what happens? His body gets stiff. Same way when you store things which are not used frequently they make the energy of that space stiff and stubborn. Hence, the clutter becomes a symptom of the things happening with you in your life and then becomes a part of problem itself. The more clutter you have, the more stagnant is the energy. Clutter accumulates bit by bit and then it slowly, grows and so does the stagnant energy around it starts accumulating, which then has a corresponding effect on your life.

Most of the people are unaware how much clutter affects them. Clutter affects according to the type of person you are, how much of the stuff you have, which area you have stored, and for how long you have had it. People tend to keep old clothes, old shoes, old utensils, newspapers, magazines, junk DVDs, etc. these all items when kept constantly without moving or utilising for long period resembles clutter.

Triangle of clutter

The triangle of clutter shows Clutter, Mind and Body and Soul on three sides of the triangle. If your base is full of clutter, it blocks your mind, body and soul. Thus it affects your intellectual power, thinking, imagination, health, well being, prosperity and many major parts of lives. Here the mind, body and soul are in absolute disharmony.

Why we hoard?

People give excuses such as ‘I am too busy’. If you can make time to acquire clutter (and people easily do that), then you need to make time to clear it or organise things. People cannot throw it away because they feel it will come in use someday. Keep reasonable amount of storage which you are going to use regularly. Sometimes you can feel that you are attached to your belongings because you feel that your own identity is tied up with them. It is fine to keep some gifts and mementos of happy times, providing they still have current value for you. If you have to store it for some reason, organise it, clean it and shuffle it regularly. Clean up your spaces regularly to attract positivity.

Effects of Clutter

  • Keeps people in past and blocks mind in thinking futuristic
  • People feel drained out and sluggish
  • Affects physical and mental health
  • Adds body weight
  • Creates lot of confusion in life and thoughts
  • People get attracted to wrong people
  • Creates disharmony
  • Depresses and discourages people
  • Affects creativity, understanding and enjoyment of life
  • Makes people disorganized
  • Distracts from important things


Avoid Keeping Clutter in following places:

  • Centre of the property
  • Near doors
  • Behind the doors
  • Under the beds
  • Behind the beds
  • Under / above / on working or study desks


Important Things to Enhance Energies of Space around you:

  • Avoid spitting on roads as it disturbs earth energies.
  • Avoid littering around your entrance and on roads.
  • Avoid polluting space around you, earth and environment.
  • Avoid storage below the beds, in case of shortage of space, only sleeping material can be stored under the beds.
  • Think Positive, Greet Positive, Be Positive.
  • Use Ashoka Leaves / Mango Leaves Torans with orange flowers for your doors as well as windows.
  • Clear dried Torans.
  • Green bulbs can be added in the store area.
  • The storage area must be kept neat and clean.

(Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia is a Vastu and Feng Shui expert)