Neighbourhood and locality is taken into consideration while selecting any property. Similarly, as per Vastu and Feng Shui principles, external surroundings around the property play significant role on the occupants. Skill of ‘precision in observation’ is required while examining a property for Energy, Vastu and Feng Shui. The way internal arrangement of premises is observed precisely, similarly external surroundings needs to be taken into consideration. The art of examining external surrounding is called the ‘Form Scanning’. If the ‘Form’ (outside of our property) is ‘good’, then it is beneficial for the energy flow, but if the ‘Form’ is not right then it disrupts the energy flow. There are limitations to change the external surroundings of any property, thus it is possible to treat such property using ‘Prakruti (Nature) Solutions’.

The short & tall of it

According to the law of Vastu and Feng Shui, if a short building / house is surrounded by tall / large buildings, then the energies of short building / house is suppressed, thus the development of those living in the small house is inhibited. Not enough energy is available because it is encircled from the four sides. We have to generate energy in such a plot virtually. As a practical remedy, by keeping potted planters on three sides of the small building, they work as energy boosters and uplifters, in addition to this, providing a flower bed on every floor of small building also works as energy enhancer. In addition to this, terrace garden is recommended on top of small building. Plants that grow vertical help in boosting the energy levels of short building.

In case if there is a tall building very close to your kitchen, dining room or living room window then it is recommended to keep small planters near the window.

Observe what is visible from your windows

High Tension Wires

High Tension Wires are generally large transmission lines’ configurations with high voltage and current levels. They generally generate large values of electric and magnetic field stresses which affect the human being and the nearby objects located at ground surfaces as well as at the height of wires. Electric and magnetic fields, often referred to as electromagnetic fields or EMF, occur naturally and as a result of the Power generation, Power Transmission, Power distribution and use of electric power. In case if high tension wires are close to your building and are closely visible from any of the room, it is likely to cause mental stress, discomfort and high blood pressure. It is important that high tension wires are not very close to the bedroom. Plants work as wonderful remedial measure for minimizing the impact of high tension wires, however, the placement of plants depends on the energy field, which needs to be physically checked by an expert.

Unfinished Buildings

Sometimes construction of a building takes a while to happen, which is understandable. However, on the other hand, if there is a under construction building and the project is stalled due to some or the other reason and if that site is like an unfinished building for long period of time, it has an impact on the neighbouring buildings. In case if there is an unfinished building or ugly / run down / broken structure near to your property which is clearly visible from any of the rooms, it leads to depression and dissatisfaction. To minimize the impact of this, use pastel colour sheer curtains for windows. It is also important to avoid keeping debris near the entrance of the building / house.

Sharp Buildings

Building elevation has a great importance in Vastu and Feng Shui. Elevation of the building not only impacts on the occupants of that building but it also impacts on the neighboring buildings. Buildings with sharp corners create very active and pulsating energy, thus they impact neighboring buildings. Buildings with sharp corners should not be facing the windows or doors. If sharp edged buildings are very near to your windows / doors then occupants pass through a lot of ups and downs. Plants help in minimizing the impact of sharp edges, maintain small height plants near windows.


Water is an important source of energy. View of water is a great boon to any building because of its beauty. View of water creates a very serene atmosphere in home or office. Flowing water is highly beneficial than still water. If water is clean, it has a positive impact on the occupants, however, if filthy water is visible, it tends to create negative impact on the occupants. Once again, plants are the best medium to purify the energy. Plants kept near the window from where filthy water is visible, helps in purifying the energy. View of a clean swimming pool is also considered good.

Avoid keeping plants in bedroom for any of the above remedies as they give out carbon dioxide during night. Alternative remedies for such issues needs to be checked with an expert.

Garden / Forest

As we all know that green view is the best view, Vastu and Feng Shui too suggests the same. View of garden or trees from room is highly beneficial for the occupants. It is highly beneficial if you are able to see a garden from your bedroom the moment you wake up. It adds to lot of positivity and freshness in the entire house. View of garden or trees is also very beneficial from office.

(Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia is a Vastu and Feng Shui expert.)