Business: First half of the year will be good for you. Chances of promotion are on anvil. From time to time, you will continue to receive benefits from your heirs. You will also find solutions to your problems on the basis of your efficiency and skills, and also, get great opportunity to meet or work with a big company. A huge potential for success in economic prosperity, manglik activity and business is brewing up.

Social: As far as family is concerned, this year is otherwise auspicious for you. Take special care of the health of both father and mother; they should consult doctor from time to time. You may experience physical problem at in-laws’ place in which your money will also be spent. This can increase your mental disturbance as well.

Economic: From economic perspective, this year will remain normal for you. There may be health and medical problems in your family incurring expenditure. However, there are also chances of receiving parental property. During this period, do not lend money to any of your family members, for the chance of return is less. You may spend money for your children’s marriage or any manglik activity. First half of the year will be financially normal and the latter half will be very much favourable for you.

Career and Education: As far as career is concerned, this year is hinting at traveling away from your birthplace or moving abroad.

Traveling will continue to advance your career. Success will be achieved in competitive examinations, but only after some hard work. During this time you may also have foreign trips. These trips could be for your own career or business activities, and it will earn you money as well.

Remedy: Receive blessings of seniors. Serve the guru, saints, ascetics and parents. Donate iron to poor, recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand.



Business: The year will start with economic advancement. You will be looking for a new plan. Chances of success in your work is brewing. There could be a little bit of mental disturbance and also, an opportunity to meet or work with a big company. Job holders will either have a change or promotion. The latter half will bring trouble in business, but with the help of your efficiency and skills you will find solutions. In the latter half of the year, keep an eye on your employees and servants, otherwise harm can occur.

Social: This year will not be that good for your family. There is a possibility of having difference in thinking with your wife. The latter half of the year will be difficult for your mother but happiness will increase for father. There may be concerns about the health of child. For newlyweds, this time is preparing better opportunity for conceiving child. Religious people will have pilgrimages and earn blessings.

Economic: This year will be normal for you from financial perspectives. You will spend money in religious travel or manglik activities. At the same time, you will remain mentally disturbed for some time. However, it will not affect your normal activities. With enthusiasm and strength, you will remain active in increasing your financial status.

Health: Time will not be that good as far as health is concerned. Problems of joint pain, arthritis and respiratory diseases may arise. This year, you should pay attention to your health and should keep consulting doctor from time to time. This year is going to provide you with healing of physical health.

Career and Education: This year will generally be unfavourable for students. Success will be achieved only after putting more hardwork. Studying will appear unpleasant. Time is favourable for jobholders. There will be promotion and economic advancement. Assistance will be received from top officials. Time is favourable for jobholders and chances of transfer is on anvil, but the transfer will not be favourable.

Remedy: Donate yellow items on Thursday, read Rahu mantra on Wednesday.



Business: Beginning of the year will be the best for business. Due to your continuous efforts you would manage to save. There is also hope for getting new sources of income. If your money is withheld you can get it at this time. Chances of transfer are developing for the jobholders. You may suffer loss in work due to lack of confidence. There has been a great deal of transfer already existing for professionals.

Social: Time will no more remain economically favourable from the middle of the year. Some people in family can hurt your sentiment with their reactions; so, it is better to develop self-resistance power while dealing with adverse situations. For the people having children, the time is also good for children’s education and their career. In the first half of this year, your parents will get opportunity to visit religious places.

Economic: This year will be steady from economic perspective. Chances are developing to receive sudden wealth. There is a possibility of receiving a will in this period. Avoid making large investments to begin a new work at the end of this year because the time is not favourable for you.

Health: There will be some deficiency in health and psychological stress due to some economic issues or because of any opposition. Your health may worsen during travel, so do make less journeys. Digestive power may weaken, so take regular care of food. Delaying in taking meals can also render physical pain. In the latter part of the year, be more careful during journeys and other activities. Health related problems will appear occasionally during travelling.

Career and Education: First half of the year will be good for career. Together with some experienced persons, you will improve your style of work and receive support of government officials and senior people which can benefit you in your work. Do not blindly believe any person as chances of being cheated are already looming.

Remedy: Worship lord Ganesha and goddess Durga, serve cow and feed them a portion of your meals. Donating green saari, and marital material to transgender will provide adequate relief.



Business: At the beginning of the year, a more profitable chance is on anvil for you which hints at a new business. You can also start a new job. For jobholders and professionals, the time is of promotions. Therefore, do not entangle in disputes and controversies; otherwise you may fall victim to the fury of owner or the senior officials. Work with wisdom in an adverse situation.

Social: First half of the year will be normal, however due to excessive travelling you won’t be able to devote much time to your family and relatives. You will experience bitterness in personal life and you have to work intelligently. Self-reliance is very important because expected support will not be availed by your friends and relatives. It is important to pay attention to your children and wife. In the first half of the year, chances of traveling to a religious place or a place related to your ancestors are developing.

Economic: Economic situation is going to remain favourable at the beginning of the year. You will be successful in saving and can receive wealth unexpectedly. However, keep away from unethical activities like gambling and lottery and secure savings. Money may be spent on purchasing household items, and on the health of wife as well. She should pay attention to her health.

Health: This year will be favourable from the perspective of health. Except for minor illnesses, you will be able to improve your health throughout the entire year. Even if for some reason you fall sick or have problems from weather-borne diseases your health will recover sooner. It is important to have some restraint on food and drink.

Career and Education: Normally, this year will be highly favourable for students. The time is favourable for studies in the areas like banking or management and heavy chances of achieving success in competitive examinations and career advancement are already existing. In the second half of the year, chances of transfer are there and it will be beneficial for you. It is also possible to get transfer to your desired position. As a result of transfer, you will gain special knowledge and guidance and also, grow a sense of responsibility.

Remedy: Serve mother and worship lord Shankar.



Business: This year will generally be favourable from business perspective. In this period, your belief in self will give you constant insight and you will receive respect and dignity by hard work. Invest in the affairs of property and real estate very carefully. It will also be difficult to get stability in your job. Hard labour and intellectual rigour are needed. It can give success away from home, in foreign countries.

Social: This year is not the best for family matters. You will be stuck with mental and family problems. Especially, family responsibilities will increase and mental anxiety will follow in getting rid of them. For this reason, you will also experience absence of family happiness.

Support of your family members will not be received. Therefore, develop resistive power and become self-sufficient. After August, all the hassles will start withering away. Circumstances of religious trips are also developing.

Economic: This year will be mixed in terms of finance. Though money will arrive this year, it will also be spent in manglik activities of family members and relatives. Despite all, you can lose your money through someone, so avoid risky investments.

Health: In terms of health, this year is not suitable enough. In such situation it would be necessary to take care of health. If you are already suffering from a prolonged illness, there is a need for abstinence. Be careful when driving. Develop confidence in self for coping adverse situations with intelligence, otherwise health may get affected.

Career and Education: This year will be mixed in terms of career. Time is favourable for the students who want to study abroad or away, and they can be employed in a big company this year as well. Also, those who are preparing for competitive examinations can get success. In the latter half of the year changes would not be favourable for jobholders, i.e., they will not get their desired location.

Remedy: Get up early in the morning and worship the Sun with red flower offerings. Donate copper.



Business: This year will do something special to your business or job. Professionally, the time is favourable. Any new business can be started. There will be continuous expansion in your work area. Chances of promotion are there for jobholders. Affection and respect will be received from seniors and powerful people.

Social: This year will remain normal from a family perspective.

However, it will be good and upbeat for children. Chances of accomplishing manglik activities of your younger siblings in family is developing. Atmosphere of peace and calm in family will continue.

Good relationship with elder siblings will develop and they will grow.

Any court case being fought by your family will receive favour. Health of maternal uncle may slightly deteriorate, with chances of increase in knee pain as well as liver related problems.

Economic: Financially, this year will remain very good. You will be able to save due to continuity. Strong chances of receiving new sources of income are developing. Wealth will be received from elder brother and friends. If your money is stuck somewhere, there are chances of recovery with less effort. In the middle of the year, some physical pain and expenditure too can happen.

Health: This year will be normal for health. Except for minor illnesses, the whole year is favourable for you. If there is any, you may get rid of your chronic disease this year. Mental and physical worries will increase a bit in the middle of the year. Pay attention to digestion especially. Take balanced diet regularly and leave spicy and oily food.

Career and Education: This year will generally be favourable for studies. You will be prepared to work extremely hard to achieve your goals and also, pay attention to your studies. Also, the desire to do some new research in the field of science and technology will increase. If you are willing to participate in any competitive exam, the time is favourable for you. You will get success in it. The time is favourable if you are already receiving any business education or willing to pursue any.

Remedy: Worship Ganesha, donate green objects. Grow tulsi plant in your home and worship it regularly.



Business: From the point of view of business, this year will be mixed fruitful. Need to put constant effort to achieve success in business. Control your speech in the field of business, otherwise you will have to face problems. You will get a new turn in business due to meeting an experienced person in the latter part of the year.

There could be long journey for business. This journey will prove successful. During the period, do not sign important documents without checking it and keep a check on your risk-taking tendencies.

Social: This year will remain mixed in terms of family matters. Peaceful environment will be maintained in the family which will further support you. You may go to pilgrimage along with your family members. Number of new members in the family will increase. You will receive support from your family. In the middle of the year, there could be dispute due to non-fulfilment of all the expectations of family members.

Economic: This year will be economically advanced for you. You may get rid of long-pending loans and the likes. However, money will be spent for fulfilling the needs or any other work of your spouse. You will also buy your own house or agricultural land this year. Chances of foreign investment for businessmen is prominent. For farmers and retailers, there is a possibility of good income during this period.

Health: The year is not favourable for health. There will be deficiencies in health but the disease will not be that serious. During this period, you can concentrate your mind to perform meditation and other meditation activities. This will motivate you and you will be successful in maintaining your health.

Career and Education: This year will have mixed influence for students. You could lose interest in studies due to unfavourable first half of the year. Watch your steps if you are willing to enroll in a new course; otherwise both studies and economic condition may get affected. Time is favourable for those who are going to receive education abroad. You will get success in competitive exams. Chance of transfer is already existing for jobholders.

Remedy: Worship goddess Lakshmi. Donate saree to widow.



Business: This year will not be favourable in terms of business. Possibilities of change in business is existing. Jobholders can be transferred. If you are going to do something new, do consult experienced persons related to the field. You will remain unhappy if you are planning for a business in partnership. There could be differences in understanding with your woman.

Social: This year hints at difficulties related to your life partner’s health and chances of giving birth to child during this period is developing. This year is not that much favourable for family matters. It is necessary to remain more careful in every case related to the family. Ideological differences may also occur with some of your family members. Manglik activities will also become possible in the latter half of the year.

Economic: This time is not that favourable in terms of financial aspects. You will have more expenses and spend money in religious activities or religious tours. It will be necessary to remain careful in case of investment. Do not invest in risky jobs. Decide on quick money earning avenues only after giving it a serious thought. This year is not suitable for taking risks.

Health: You will witness much ups and downs in health. Particularly, joint pains, headache and wind related problems may occur.

Therefore, do not allow any kind of negligence with health; otherwise it can worsen further. Mental tension may arise due to business or personal issues, so keep yourself balanced and disciplined.

Career and Education: This year will have mixed influence for students. You will gain interest in studies. Students preparing for entrance test to get into a new college may face little delay in admission. Time is favourable if you have interest in science and psychology. If you are getting any lucrative offer related to education it could prove fraud to you. Therefore, be careful.

Chances of transfer is brewing up for the jobholders which would not be favourable.

Remedy: Worship lord Shiva and read mrityunjay mantra.

Receiving blessing of elders and serving parents will prove beneficial.



Business: This year will remain mixed in terms of business. While first half of the year will not be that good, the latter half will be extremely favourable. You will achieve success away from your birth place. You will invest more in your business but yield less profit and recover the money stuck somewhere. You will be promoted in your job. There are possibilities of expansion in business. Chances of transfer are developing for the jobholders and professionals which will prove beneficial to them. Businessmen will have foreign tours and prominent chances of earning economic profit from them are developing. This year will prove profitable for the businessmen.

Social: This year is not very favourable from family perspective.

Situation of children’s marriage in home may arise. Some odd circumstances will also develop, so it will be better to develop resistance in self while facing adverse circumstances. Your closest friend too can refuse to fulfill their own promises and you can have differences with them. Father’s health may worsen. He should take care of his health.

Economic: From economic perspective this year will produce mixed results. But you will not experience any financial shortcomings in terms of money. You will receive sudden wealth and also, recover any long-stuck money. You may rebuild your house in the second half of the year.

Health: This year will have mixed results in terms of health. This year you may have complaints related to stomach and kidney. Eat pure and balanced food to maintain better health. Also, take vegetarian diet to prevent liver problems from aggravating. Donate banana on Thursday.

Career and Education: First half of this year is not very well suited for your career. Watch your steps if you are entering a new course during the period. Avoid making wrong decisions in haste. You may grow more disinterested in studies due to excessive eating and reluctance.

Remedy: Feed ascetics, sages, guru and Brahmins. Distribute gram flour laddus to poor on Thursday.



Business: This year is extremely favourable in terms of business, so you will make progress in business with your luck and hard work by your side. This year is developing circumstances for you to achieve higher post and get transfer to desired place. New ideas will give birth to new schemes. You can take proper advantage of it.

You will achieve deserving success in the field of business and work. At the end of the year, work and business related travel will also keep you busy.

Social: This year will be favourable for you from a family perspective. Happiness, peace and calm will continue to remain in house. You will have complete pleasure of marriage, wealth and children. You will associate yourself with various religious institutions and spend money in religious activities. If you are single, you will get married this year. Mother’s health will witness some issues while the year will prove beneficial to your father.

Opportunities to visit religious places will be received. You will enjoy happy trips with family members too.

Economic: This time is very favourable from economic perspective.

Sources of income will be prominent throughout the year. There are also chances of getting ancestral property along with it. You will reap more profit if you invest money in a new business. Chances of receiving money in manglik activities will develop in which you will grow sense of mutual cooperation which will further help you earn money.

Health: First half of the year will be good for your health. You will be satisfied mentally and good thoughts will follow. You will perform each task positively. Your diet and routine will also improve for good health. Health may get slightly affected in the middle of the year due to which possibilities of getting affected by diseases such as blood pressure and wind and bile disorder may form.

Career and Education: In terms of career, the year will be normal. Your morale will increase. If you are participating in competitive examinations, chances of success will develop on basis of your hard work. There will be favourable time for the fields like medical, technical, and commercial. People associated with lawyers, judges and law will get special benefits.

Remedy: Worship lord Hanuman for good health, streamline your daily routine. Donate iron on Saturday.



Business: First half of the year will be generally favourable for business. A little more effort may be needed to succeed in business. You will have new beginnings. Your friends and family will be very helpful. There should be good profit earned through business. You will come in contact with important people. You should avoid doing too many tasks together. Also, every work should be done with more zeal. Situations of getting high posts are developing for jobholders and financial support and other help will also be received.

Social: This year will be normal in terms of family matters. Mental anxiety over any member in the family may increase. Your father will also achieve great and professional benefits but your anxiety about your mother’s health may increase. In the second part of the year, some good news about a close relative can be received.

Elements hostile to your family will move away and the family members’ behaviour with you will become extremely cordial.

Economic: This year will bring great results in economic affairs. If you put a little effort with integrity, you will have no more financial problems. Strong chances of increase in your income is already existing. You will earn money through business. Circumstances of gaining wealth from son is developing.

Health: Your health may remain weak in the beginning of the year. Physical energy will appear to be gradually decreasing. You may have stomach trouble. You should exercise restraint on food and drink which will improve your health. A married person will likely to get a lot of service from his life partner.

Career and Education: First half of the year is not much favourable for students. You will not get your desired success in competitive examinations. Therefore, avoid any kind of negligence. Time is running favourable for admission in a particular course and chances are there to go away from home for studies. You may travel abroad for jobs or higher education.

Remedy: On Saturday morning, offer water under sacred fig tree and donate lamp in the evening. Donate food to beggars.



Business: This year is very favourable for business. You will be looking for a new plan and able to improve your work style by meeting some experienced people. Support of government officials and senior people will also be available adequately with which you will continue to succeed. In the middle of the year some opponents may try to disturb you, but you will get control over them. You will get an opportunity to meet or work with a big company.

Social: Family wise this year will be better. There will be an atmosphere of joy and peace in the family. Those desiring a child may have one. Take any decision keeping in mind the advice of all the members of your family and get blessings from your parents and elders and serve them.

Economic: Time is very favourable from economic perspective. Continuity in income will be maintained. Circumstances of receiving sudden wealth are developing. If you are involved in stock market there is a hope of earning good profit. It will also become a reason behind strengthening your financial condition. You can also recover your money if it is stuck somewhere.

Health: This year will be favourable for your health. You will complete each task based on your intellectual capacity. Generally, barring some minor diseases, the entire year will be suitable for you. Patients suffering from stomach ailments and blood pressure should take special care of their health. Expose yourself to the early morning sun and pay respect to it in folding hands. In the latter half of the year, your health may deteriorate.

Career and Education: Time will have mixed outcome for students. Those who work harder will get best results. But students negligent in studies may have to face obstacles. The latter half of the year is suitable for the participants of competitive examinations. The time is calm for those who go to study abroad. Circumstances of transfer and change are existing for the jobholders and businessmen respectively which will prove favourable to them.

Remedy: Respect elders. Serve parents, guru, sage and saints. Donate besan laddu at a religious place on Thursday.